Served from 11:00 to 19:00

«La petite green» 9 SFr

Caesar Salad, chicken or smoked salmon 26 SFr

Golfer’s homemade fresh pasta 24 SFr

All the following dishes are served with French fries and mesclun salad:

Plain or full omelette 18 SFr

Beef tartar served with toast 34 SFr

Roast-beef (rib steak), Chef’s sauce 29 SFr

Club sandwich with turkey 26 SFr


«La Birdie», cold meats and cheeses 17 SFr

«La Valaisanne», herb dried meats 25 SFr

«Délices de la Gruyère», cold meats and cheeses 32 SFr


Meringues with double cream 12 SFr

Gourmet coffee or tea, accompanied by 5 little treats 12 SFr